Scarborough and District Beekeepers' Association is a friendly and welcoming group of people sharing a common passion in all things to do with bees.

We aim to enjoy, encourage, improve and advance apiculture in Scarborough and the surrounding district.

Honey Bees are under increased threat from climate change, viruses, parasites, pesticides and chemicals, and from a loss of their natural habitat. They contribute millions of pounds to the UK economy every year and are responsible for the pollination of around 80% of food products that humans eat and that is before we even begin to talk about the delicious supply of golden honey!

This web site will help you find out about bee keeping in Scarborough, so why not take a look around and perhaps join us? We are sure you will find beekeeping both fascinating and very rewarding.

Our members come from all walks of life and all age groups. New members are always made especially welcome.

For information on the different categories of membership available, our subscription fees and to download a membership form, see our Membership page.