We have different programmes for Winter and Summer...

In Summer we hold meetings at the apiaries of members, or at our Association apiary.


The Association Apiary was established in 2007. Its purpose is to give members, and particularly new members, hands-on experience of bees and beekeeping.

Sited on the north side of Scarborough, it has easy access from the A165 road between Burniston and the town. It is surrounded by thick hawthorn, blackthorn and blackberry hedges, and is gated and kept locked for public safety.

A programme of meetings for all members is planned each Summer, as well as numerous special educational meetings for training new beekeepers.

Our apiary has a number colonies of bees, and we give demonstrations, showing how to handle bees, how to deal with swarming, queen rearing, how to check that all is well with the health of the hive, and other matters that a beekeeper should know.

apiaryinspring jpg

One of the aims of the Association is education of new and young beekeepers like the one above.

At our apiary we run courses to show newcomers how to go on.

In the Autumn or sometimes in Spring we hold a Honey Show for honey in combs and jars, and wax.

In the winter we cannot disturb the bees, so we meet in the comfortable Education Centre of St Catherine's Hospice, where we invite guest speakers who are experts on beekeeping techniques, bee diseases, and other useful or interesting topics.